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IVT is a world leading Bluetooth technology & mHealth solution provider.

IVT is a major global supplier of Bluetooth software, Bluetooth module and mobile health management & rescue systems.(www.mHealthServices.com).

Since 1999, IVT has continually developed leading edge products. These include four major product lines: (1)Bluetooth V4.0 host stack and profiles source code for Bluetooth low energy and high speed, which was the world’s first Bluetooth stack released in November 1999; (2) Bluetooth application software BlueSoleil (www.BlueSoleil.com) which has user install base over 100 million in one hundred and forty-five countries for PCs and laptops; (3) Bluetooth module for embedded applications, and (4) Mobile health management & rescue System (www.mHealthServices.com). IVT also provides Bluetooth CTP (Cordless Telephony Profile) enabled GSM phones, and PSTN/SIP/UMA Access Points.

IVT's products and solutions are widely adopted with over one hundred and fifty customers worldwide, including BENQ, British Telecom, China Telecom, COMPAL, HP, Lenovo, LG, Mitac, Motorola, Panasonic, Ricoh, Samsung, Wistron. IVT also provides design services, interoperability testing services, and Bluetooth BQB qualification support via its Interoperability Testing Center (iotc@ivtcorporation.com).

Many of the world-leading Bluetooth chip makers, such as CSR, Intel, Marvell, Ralink/MTK ISSC work with IVT and supply IVT's Bluetooth software to their customers; Since 2008, IVT has become Intel's MID worldwide Bluetooth solution provider on Moblin. MID's from Compal and BENQ are shipped with IVT BlueSoleil Linux version.

IVT mobile health management and rescue system was recognized as innovative technology by Beijing municipal government in May 2009, was further selected as one of the top 5 innovative technologies representing ZhuongGuanChun Science Park, the Silicon Valley of China, for innovative technology news releases to worldwide media on Jan 8, 2010 in LVCC hall of CES 2010. On March 27, 2011 Guangzhou General Hospital of People's Liberation Army (PLA) made a landmark announcement that the first Chinese regional military and civilian coordinated Chest Pain Rescue Network using IVT mobile health (mHealth) system is in full operation.

IVT has been active in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) since 2000. IVT has been recognized by the Bluetooth SIG as a major contributor on developing the latest Bluetooth technology. IVT has spoken at many Bluetooth Conferences around the globe, from the US to Europe, and to Asia.

IVT has globally applied for 90 invention patents, including 58 patents in China, 19 applications of PCT international patent, and 13 applications of overseas patent in different countries. IVT has two international trademarks.

IVT has a R&D centre in Beijing China and sales offices in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Canada.

Contact: marketing@ivthk.com

Tel: 86-10-82898228